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According to Kevin Morris and Corryn Grange from the Brennan Center, “In the 2020 election, voter turnout surged as more Americans cast ballots than in any presidential election in a century, despite a global pandemic. This was true for the entire electorate as well as for each racial group — more Black Americans voted in 2020 than any presidential election since 2012, and Latino Americans and Asian Americans also surpassed their previous turnout records.

These successes have been and should be celebrated. However, they must not be mistaken for signs that racial discrimination in voting is no longer an enormous problem, one that continues to advantage white voters to a degree that must be remedied.

The 2020 election must also be remembered for another turnout statistic: 70.9 percent of white voters cast ballots while only 58.4 percent of nonwhite voters did.”

A Look At Black Registration & Turnout

The number of unregistered Black people far exceeds the 2020 vote margin in several key states.*

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* By The New York Times | Source: analysis of Black citizen population estimates (2016 American Community Survey) and Black citizen non-voting rates by state (2016 Voting and Registration Supplement to the Census Current Population Survey) by Karthik Balasubramanian, Howard University.